We produce and sell kiwis for 30 years.

Almost 7,000 tons of yearly product are exported in the world.

Italfrutta di Manno, Kiwi Fruit Company

Kiwi Fruit e My Kiwi, i nuovi marchi di Italfrutta

As a global provider, Italfrutta di Manno guarantees a continuous supply of kiwis from October to June placing itself as a solid national and international reference point. Italfrutta's advanced logistics is able to organize the shipping including all necessary documents by air, sea and land.

Kiwi Fruit and My Kiwi are the new brands with which Italfrutta di Manno markets Kiwi in Italy and abroad. Synonymous with quality thanks to the Global GAP certification obtained in 2016.

Hayward variety

Variety of kiwi of particular importance, Hayward offers a medium large fruit with a robust peel, green pulp.

This variety presents a characteristic of an enormous commercial importance compared with others. It can be preserved in a refrigerator for months without being damaged through efficient refrigeration of which Italfrutta di Manno offers. The initiation to maturation is easily obtained preserving the fruits in a warm atmosphere together with apples. The acidity due to the presence of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), is typical of these kiwis and determines along with other organic acids the antioxidant and self-preserving activity of the fruit.

Premises and technologies

Advanced machinery and equipment

Italfrutta di Manno has advanced machinery and equipment that permit the processing, storage and preservation in suitable areas which are also very functional. The company makes use of particular new generation refrigeration systems to ensure great quantities of product for prompt delivery. The most important aspect of the technology recently purchased is the part concerning the processing and packing. An advanced system that permits meet individual requirements of our affectionate customers.

Production period

With more than 15,000 quintals of its own product and 55,000 quintals conferred, Italfrutta di Manno ensures a continuous and efficient supply for more than 8 months per year, guaranteeing customers the maximum in quality and professionality. Kiwi selling in Italy begins in October with the Early Green precocious variety that lasts up until mid November.
The Hayward production subsequently follows the supplying is guaranteed up to May of the following year.


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