20.000 tons of bananas sold yearly


Variety-Cavendish, Superior quality

Saborita is the new di Manno trade mark for banana marketing which are imported directly from Costa Rica. It is the Cavendish variety which is one of the most widespread. It is characterized by a sweet taste and a consistent creamy pulp when fully ripe.
The processing of the Saborita bananas is of a high standard quality. The fruit is thinned out directly on the plant in order to allow a better yield both in ripening and storage.
Guaranteed availability throughout the year.

Premises and technologies

Italfrutta di Manno is a specialized center for banana ripening and a distribution platform for central Italy. Moreover it is official distributor of major brand such as Chiquita and Del Monte.
The Italfrutta industrial plant for bananas ripening features 10 chambers for controlled ripening. The industrial plant, technologically advanced, ensures immediate product availability through the year.

Characteristics and properties: The advanced technology for banana ripening, besides immediate product availability throughout the year, also allows to maintain the bananas nutritional properties unaltered. Essentials source of mineral salts such as potassium and vitamin B group make it an ideal food for athletes and children. Furthermore, the good quantity of iron which it contains stimulates the production of hemoglobin improving the condition of who suffers from anemia. Another important property is the capacity restore the body liquid reserve decreasing blood pressure and strengthening immunity.


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